Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ah, the season of skateboarding with my son at the local skatepark. I feel old. It's like my dad said to me one time, while we were downtown--' I feel like a teenager trapped in an old man's body. I can't even run anymore!' I cannot keep up with the little kid who got into skateboarding because I couldn't stop talking about how much fun it is...even falling! I notice when the instructor is waaaaaaaaaaay younger than me and when I ride around (mostly half-pipe), I can only do a run every few minutes, and then catch my breath. Also I am the only dad there riding with his son. The ones I talked to didn't even skate when they were able to even! So, much respect to those who are still keeping it alive.

My current ride is a Dogtown Reddog Worst Case Scenario (thanks Joe)Indy 159's(?) and some Spitfire wheels. One gripe--the lack of softer wheels in most skateshops. Most are in the realm of a 99a-101a durometer--waaaay too chattery for street skating IMO. Whatever happened to those 90a-95a wheels? Also the sizes are very small too--56mm-58mm? Anyone remember those 67mm Powell T-bones? Those rode like Hell!

Skate to Live--Live to Skate. I don't feel so old anymore. Hopefully art soon enough.

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