Monday, April 21, 2008

wow. i love when i get views and i especially love getting replies to my posts. fa reals. but when people decide their too scared to post who their identity is along with their two cents it only shows the lack of maturity, no, cowardice of people who have shortcomings in other ways (inadequate penile length and/or girth? ED?) and their only way to show their disappointment in themselves is thru posting anonymously and attempt to get someone cheesed with comments.

and i quote:
'I have see better...not only in general but from you as well!! '

like many of this person's 'posts' (for lack of a better word--they are just a bunch of look-@this-stuff-i-spent-hours-on-a-couple-years ago-but-i'll-lie-and-tell-you-it's-a-fresh-piece-I hope ya'll digs!)
lol. trying to call me out in some weird fashion. and there's been one person who has accused me of trolling. lmfao! hmmm. oh, and this isn't.

so, bravo. did you really feel much better after that comment? i can feel the anger in every letter. oh btw, it's seen. grammar and spell check works wonders for the english as a second language folks...and if you weren't so chicken you'd have left a real identity. til then g'night :P