Saturday, September 02, 2006

ah yes. time has come to show some of my work. here is a couple of newer sketches :) enjoy--c'mon don't be shy fire off a crit or a shout :)

here is erikka drawn more realistically (?) . she's from a story (an idea at least ten years old) that is awaiting an update. what kind of update? well for starters, i've thought much about the story, and i want it to have much more meaning mostly to me.

and here is Erikka as she stands (in my vision of her at least)...

i'll tell you more soon. i promise. i just need to get another story out on the side and here is the first pic:

oh well back to the drawing board. these are a little more finished--maybe some rougher stuff next time :)

Friday, August 18, 2006

So yeah hey--it has been a looooooooong time since i posted here. i was flip flopping between LJ and here and decided one is good enough. (and i picked the better looking one at that too.)

Just getting back into the whole drawing thingy. I promise I will post some new sketch stuff and all that. Fer real!

But for some eye candy:

Saw the trailers and when i bought this I wasn't let down. Check oot these foreign films:


und here

Very nice imo. Casshern was made as Skycaptain was--all digital backlot as they call it. A remake of the 1970's anime with the name Casshan. Lots of anti-war undertones...

Nightwatch was a russian book trilogy that, once hollywood caught wind of this matrix-styled horror film, someone there quickly gave money for the sequel Daywatch(which I have and is technically better but the subs break down for some reason :( )-- damn, life goes on...maybe a better copy next con.

A plethora of stuff seeps into my consciousness and influences what i want to draw. How else can I say it? And I'd be a fool not to mention things either. (Sure there are plenty of other films floating around my house!!!)

Til sketch and drawing dump zero hour, adieu.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

so here i am on my wifes Mac. its not that i have anything against macs--i had one way back in the nineties. but i am wanting to draw on the run like my wife surfs while shes in the kitchen and such... Then I saw them damned tablet pcs, and on msn this new doohickey:

kinda like a psp, huh? except how would one draw on that tiny screen? Even with those tablets now the screen is way small. gonna have to wait until they bring out those 19 inch motherfers :)

and on a lighter bouncier note:
you thought shockwave had been pushed to the limit check this out. heh. make sure you try the ff and the extreme activity/ excercise :)b2b has another meaning now :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

hey. new. not much to say but primarily i'm a dad. number one. then sole provider. number two. then artist. want to move being an artist to number two.

here's some black and white line art for a space marine concept that got into a sketchbook that came out last year from a studio i was once a part of. enjoy and crits whatever light em up.