Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wizard World. Was okay. Got a cool print from a friend. Got Kow Yokoyama book! Got Spectrum 11 for 7 bucks. Got Frezzato book for 3 bucks. Got to Catch up with a few friends. Missed some. Shook hands with a jagoff. Cleaned hands quickly after. Life much better now since accident.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

been away along time. creatively as well. sometimes life just gets in the way of everything that one can enjoy...

but anyways enough about that. a new movie from russia, with love :)

mechenosets or sword bearer you can view the trailer here

a bit bloody, and waaay violent. you can't find it yet, well, legally that is :(

hateful youth a sfx studio run by artist christopher shy also founder of studioronin. a visual feast and a look behind the scenes of one of their latest comic releases, the last bondsman... and ooh some scale models kitbashing those new(er) gigantic revell-germany uboots! schwing!!!

and speaking about the scale modeling thing, especially sci-fi (and a hobby i myself i'm getting back into as well)...
starship modeler

and somewhere between all that mish mash is where my creativity has been lying. in a state of flux. in this mish mash of genres, lies imo, an interesting idea. more soon. fo sho! feels good to just post even ;)