Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Welcome, 2017! 

I've been a way for a long time, and so many changes in my life have occurred in my absence. This year's resolution is to get some sequentials done for 1 or 2 stories, and hopefully, make it to a couple of smaller local conventions.

I've switched to an Ipad Pro with an Apple Pencil. I am amazed with this technology. Unlike the Fujitsu Tablet PC, but similar idea where you draw directly on the screen.

All i need to do is find out the optimal sizes for printing, then get the work done.

Well, I will talk to you soon. And hopefully some new art really soon-ish.

<3 you like a milkshake...S13

Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Lord, it's been too long away from my creative endeavors! Tsk, tsk. A bit dusty in here. My situation as of 2008-2010: at one of the world's WORST places of employment. In fact so bad, on my exit interview I was so overjoyed that I was leaving, I cried something fierce. No more punches to the chest. No more of my boss talking smack about my wife. No more getting cornered and getting screamed at for DOING MY JOB. No more fear of retribution. NO MORE WORKING FOR FREE. A granite block had just slid off my back. No amount of money could woo me back into that dark place. Being in this 'place' set me back further than anything that has happened to me in my life.

So creatively speaking, drawing for these past two years was next to non-existent. I was taking the stress home, and in fact it affected every aspect in my life. Taking a new job this past Thanksgiving, I've finally started to sketch again. Laura says my mood has changed. Thank heaven.

In November my good friend Matt helped me outline three parts of my story. Solid State is back on. One that I've longed to draw (and to hopefully see in print). I've just sketched some roughs the other day. I'll scan this stuff soon.

So come back. I've missed you.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Ah, the season of skateboarding with my son at the local skatepark. I feel old. It's like my dad said to me one time, while we were downtown--' I feel like a teenager trapped in an old man's body. I can't even run anymore!' I cannot keep up with the little kid who got into skateboarding because I couldn't stop talking about how much fun it is...even falling! I notice when the instructor is waaaaaaaaaaay younger than me and when I ride around (mostly half-pipe), I can only do a run every few minutes, and then catch my breath. Also I am the only dad there riding with his son. The ones I talked to didn't even skate when they were able to even! So, much respect to those who are still keeping it alive.

My current ride is a Dogtown Reddog Worst Case Scenario (thanks Joe)Indy 159's(?) and some Spitfire wheels. One gripe--the lack of softer wheels in most skateshops. Most are in the realm of a 99a-101a durometer--waaaay too chattery for street skating IMO. Whatever happened to those 90a-95a wheels? Also the sizes are very small too--56mm-58mm? Anyone remember those 67mm Powell T-bones? Those rode like Hell!

Skate to Live--Live to Skate. I don't feel so old anymore. Hopefully art soon enough.

Monday, April 21, 2008

wow. i love when i get views and i especially love getting replies to my posts. fa reals. but when people decide their too scared to post who their identity is along with their two cents it only shows the lack of maturity, no, cowardice of people who have shortcomings in other ways (inadequate penile length and/or girth? ED?) and their only way to show their disappointment in themselves is thru posting anonymously and attempt to get someone cheesed with comments.

and i quote:
'I have see better...not only in general but from you as well!! '

like many of this person's 'posts' (for lack of a better word--they are just a bunch of look-@this-stuff-i-spent-hours-on-a-couple-years ago-but-i'll-lie-and-tell-you-it's-a-fresh-piece-I hope ya'll digs!)
lol. trying to call me out in some weird fashion. and there's been one person who has accused me of trolling. lmfao! hmmm. oh, and this isn't.

so, bravo. did you really feel much better after that comment? i can feel the anger in every letter. oh btw, it's seen. grammar and spell check works wonders for the english as a second language folks...and if you weren't so chicken you'd have left a real identity. til then g'night :P

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

holy crap! two posts in a day (or so) :) got home from work and scanned and posted another piece. enjoy. or not :)

quickie girl sketch.

another concept for another part of my story --unfortunately i haven't decided which part of it i should start with....peace.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

geez. busy as all get out. sorry for no scans, but here is some stuff from my slate of things to post so here.

my site is kind punk rock themed so...laugh along
webfrontpagemy soon-to-be front page. take several copier jams, photoshop for the type and color tweak...and there you go a cool image..

next up my banner link for others to download.
website banner
one more for y'all to peruse. my business card for 2008.
my business card]
so laugh, whatever... hopefully soon though--drawings soon.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

happy new year, late. been fricking rewriting my story. ever feel like whatever you do has to be perfect before going to the next goddamn step? that's me twenty-four, seven.

i am going to start keeping this cobwebby place up to date. i promise. a sketch a day is what i can do, even though it has been lately (chaotic) hard to keep anything up-to-date.

so yeah tommorrow. i'll start scanning the stuff in the am.

til tommorrow, peace.