Friday, August 18, 2006

So yeah hey--it has been a looooooooong time since i posted here. i was flip flopping between LJ and here and decided one is good enough. (and i picked the better looking one at that too.)

Just getting back into the whole drawing thingy. I promise I will post some new sketch stuff and all that. Fer real!

But for some eye candy:

Saw the trailers and when i bought this I wasn't let down. Check oot these foreign films:


und here

Very nice imo. Casshern was made as Skycaptain was--all digital backlot as they call it. A remake of the 1970's anime with the name Casshan. Lots of anti-war undertones...

Nightwatch was a russian book trilogy that, once hollywood caught wind of this matrix-styled horror film, someone there quickly gave money for the sequel Daywatch(which I have and is technically better but the subs break down for some reason :( )-- damn, life goes on...maybe a better copy next con.

A plethora of stuff seeps into my consciousness and influences what i want to draw. How else can I say it? And I'd be a fool not to mention things either. (Sure there are plenty of other films floating around my house!!!)

Til sketch and drawing dump zero hour, adieu.