Monday, February 14, 2011

Good Lord, it's been too long away from my creative endeavors! Tsk, tsk. A bit dusty in here. My situation as of 2008-2010: at one of the world's WORST places of employment. In fact so bad, on my exit interview I was so overjoyed that I was leaving, I cried something fierce. No more punches to the chest. No more of my boss talking smack about my wife. No more getting cornered and getting screamed at for DOING MY JOB. No more fear of retribution. NO MORE WORKING FOR FREE. A granite block had just slid off my back. No amount of money could woo me back into that dark place. Being in this 'place' set me back further than anything that has happened to me in my life.

So creatively speaking, drawing for these past two years was next to non-existent. I was taking the stress home, and in fact it affected every aspect in my life. Taking a new job this past Thanksgiving, I've finally started to sketch again. Laura says my mood has changed. Thank heaven.

In November my good friend Matt helped me outline three parts of my story. Solid State is back on. One that I've longed to draw (and to hopefully see in print). I've just sketched some roughs the other day. I'll scan this stuff soon.

So come back. I've missed you.